The Beginning of the Dream Home

We, from the DIVANIDEA team, are the ones who create your cozy home. So you, as our customers just need to relax and enjoy the process. Because this is your fortress and we would like the way to its realization to be pleasant and even fun. This work for us is a real pleasure. 3.. 2.. 1… Action!
To be maximum beneficial to you, we would like to know what your style preferences are, whether you have specific requirements for functional distribution, what is your favourite colour and if you want any certain furniture to present in your interior… Or you can leave the choice to us! We also need to know what your budget limit is so that we can choose the best furniture for your perfect home.
The next step is to prepare the architectural survey. We will take all the necessary dimensions of the premises in question, with all the architectural and structural features. We will prepare drawings and offer you several distribution options according to your individual needs. And the most suitable one will be chosen by both of us together.


Preparation of a Preliminary Design

Once we have chosen a layout option, it is time to select the specific furniture, much of which you can see in our showrooms. You will rest on the sofa, where you will relax after a productive day, you will sit on the chairs and drink coffee at the table where you will meet your loved ones and choose from the carefully selected accessory according to the latest trends and the respective season. Look up – maybe there’s your favourite chandelier.


Materials and Colours

And now let’s raise the curtain for one of the most interesting steps – making a moodboard – the combination of materials and colours that will make your home unique. Our designers will select the best combinations for you and together we will decide which one to choose for your future home.


3D Visualization

It’s time for photorealistic 3D visualizations – they will help you to get a complete notion of what your home would look like in a finished form. From the sofa to the wallpaper – everything in materials and colours will be perfectly combined. You will also see how the lighting fixtures will make everything shine, and the books and accessories are already arranged!

Once we have finalized everything down to the smallest detail, we begin work on preparing the working design needed for this implementation. We will make detailed drawings of the preliminary design approved by you with all the necessary phases for the contractors. Each design will be accompanied by a legend, dimensions and descriptions. And if necessary, we will provide you with author’s supervision, which will monitor the correct implementation of the given project. 



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