The quality of hand-made products has always had a meaningful and dominant significance for Divanidea. Something you can see, touch and feel as a sensation, something you can live as an emotion. Every sofa, loveseat and furnishing complement was born in our Italian company: craftsmanship, attention to details, love for our work and for well-done products are not just expressions, but an ethos for us. From the selection of materials to the finished product, every manufacturing process is led by the company itself, in an innovative atmosphere which complies with the respect of people and environment, and thanks to a selected network of Italian suppliers.

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After decades of experience in the field, Divanidea achieved a deep and complete knowledge of materials and their treatments. The wood we use is carefully selected from a huge range of raw materials, to create durable structures over time. Our high-quality paddings are made with variable density fillings, in order to ensure the optimal ergonomic stand for every part of the body. Precious feathers, for comfortable and soft pillows. Splendid full-grain leather tanned in Italy, scrupulously selected with regard to softness, thickness and texture. Fabrics available in a wide choice of colours and typologies, exclusively created by some of the best-known Italian textile companies with the maximum attention to authentic and certified yarns and patterns.

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A tailoring workshop on a vast scale, where the most innovative technologies meet and embrace the traditional workmanship processes. Today, this is a bold and valiant challenge which only a few companies can face; this is the entrepreneur mission of Divanidea, as well as its philosophy based on professionality and respect for human qualities and values. We are people who work with hands, head and heart, aware that every single detail and action will determine the quality of the final product: from the assemblage of the structures to the cutting process of leathers and fabrics, from the sewing of covers to the extensive testing process during every productive phase. Each product is certified.

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The aesthetic value is not an end in itself: it constitutes an integral part of a particular lifestyle and a particular highlight in a complete architectural framework. This is the idea of design that Divanidea carries on, orchestrated in various shapes and dimensions within its Style Centre, a place where original and eclectic furnishing concepts were born. While developing innovative collections of furnishing complements, accessories, wallpaper and any other inherent, the designing of products proceeds alongside the continuous research for innovation and style, in order to create a consistent and prestigious “total living look”: always in collaboration with renowned Italian companies.


Every material is selected and controlled following the highest qualitative standards. Wooden and metallic structures are tested on the basis of a careful and extensive study about solicitations. Each rigid frame is covered with expanded polyurethane, in order to ensure the best ergonomics. Seats and back cushions are filled with different types of expanded polyurethane, feathers or acrylic wadding, to achieve the desired comfort reflecting the design required by the project. Every sewing, both in leather or fabric, is composed of 100% polyamide yarns, namely an extremely resistant material. Leather covers have always represented one of the main know-how of the company. Full-grain leathers, tanned in Italy, are chosen on the basis of a professional study about Divanidea Style Centre technical and aesthetic needs. Each leather type is unique: from the texture to the softness, from the thickness to the consistence. The range is wide: a lot of typologies and finishes, aniline or nabuk, always available in a huge choice of trendy colours. Exclusive fabric covers, produced by renowned Italian textile companies, may be requested in different varieties of fibres, textures, colours and patterns, always in line with every peculiar esthetical taste and with the highest qualitative standards.



Nowadays, if you want to enrich your home with elegant and stylish furniture, basic solutions are not enough: we are facing the growth of a multiform market which evolves day by day, demanding always more. Everybody would like to live in a special and unique habitat, tailor-made in order to suit their own tastes and lifestyle. For this reason, the customization of the product is the greatest strong point for Divanidea. From the dimensions to the structural features and coverings, each furniture piece can be personalized upon request, in order to satisfy all the particular needs of interior designers and final clients. To sum up, the company strongly believes in the constant development of the products’ qualities, with the following advantages: the exclusive value of the single project, precious differentiation between various models and tailor-made personalization.



Choosing Divanidea means having the pleasure to meet a leader company in the Italian furniture industry; what is more, believing in the mission of the firm means having the possibility to count on an efficient and reliable personalized service, during every phase of the project. From the first furnishing consultancy to the fundamental after-sales assistance, you will be able to solve every kind of matter with our consultants. The company also offers some guaranteed services such as door-to-door transport and delivery, cleaning and maintenance consultation and future repair operations. The wooden structures of all Divanidea goods benefit from a 10-years warranty, but you can also ensure your sofa covering against all types of accidental damages for the further 5 years, for the entire value of the product and with technical door-to-door support: you will no longer have to be concerned about your sofa over time.