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Living room

Whether you play with your children or have a pleasant chat with friends, the living-room will always be the place that makes these moments special. The living-room has a different function for each family. For some it is a zone for social contacts, for others it is a place for relaxation. But in all the cases it is actively involved in the home life. Our 3D projects, which you will see, have shown a great variety of styles – classic, modern, minimalist … Find your living-room!

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Kitchen and dining-room thumbnail

Kitchen and dining-room

If anything has changed significantly over time, it is the place of the kitchen in the home planned organization. Until recently, with a fully functional purpose, today the kitchen is situated in the heart of home and quickly has become a place where meet family and beloved ones. Thanks to technological progress and various architectural solutions for ventilation and premise organization, the kitchen and dining-room joint the living-room into one common space.

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Bedroom thumbnail


We have spent almost a third of our lives asleep, so it worths to embellish our bedroom with as much style and comfort as possible. Our selection of 3D projects will give you the opportunity to choose the bedroom of your dreams, fully meeting your personal requirements. With a minimalist profile or with classic ornaments, in a soft tone or with accent wallpaper, with a bed of natural fabric or upholstered in genuine leather, we leave the choice to you.

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Children’s room thumbnail

Children’s room

Are you looking for ideas for your children’s favourite area? The children’s room is a great place to rediscover different and fresh ideas – starting from wallpapers with butterflies to the ones where your children can draw, from fresh and bright colours to soft pastel tones. Whatever you choose, this room certainly should be different and unique as your own children. Get inspired by our 3D projects and visit us to create the dreaming area for your children.

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Entrance hall thumbnail

Entrance hall

Are you looking for impressive entrance hall interior ideas? It often happens that we ignore this space, just passing through it before going to our favourite sofa. But as it is said “Fine feathers make fine birds” So in this regard, let’s meet in style. We are pleased to present you some of our great designs for the entrance hall, implemented into reality afterwards.

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